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NAAAP Cohort is a 4-month Leadership Program designed to elevate Asian leaders above the cultural barriers by utilizing the B-SPOKE XCORE Lite.

In this orientation session, we will go over the programming details and how to maximize the value of your cohort program participation.

The Asian Management Problem. The reality is that companies provide leadership training grouped into a generalized system with biases that conflict with Asian culture. The results render our career growth ineffective and perpetuate the “Asian Model Minority Myth” we see evident in our company. It is more apparent when we're trying to move our titles upward into management roles. We see a lack of commensurate executive-level representation relative to the Asian workforce. This program is designed specifically to provide the management-level leadership training we need with contextualization to provide support specific to our culture so that we can break through our own barriers.

The regular price for this 4-month program is $149/month. By joining the Asian XCORE Lite Program through the NAAAP-LA registration process, NAAAP members will receive a $100-monthly discount for the whole program (total value of $400). A current active NAAAP membership is required to take advantage of this pricing.

This Cohort Orientation is only open to those who are registered in the XCORE Lite Program. Please follow the steps below to join the Asian XCORE Lite Program sponsored by NAAAP-LA:

  1. Log in to the NAAAP website

    1.  If you are unable to login, use the “Forgot your password?” option on the login page to reset your account.

    2. If you are not a current active NAAAP member (for any chapter), click “Join Now” to become a member for as low as $35 per year.

  2. Register for this event

  3. You will receive a confirmation email with a discount code

  4. Go to

  5. Click “Let’s Get Started” then “Join XCORE Lite Now”

  6. Create an account on B-SPOKE (or log in to your account if you have an existing B-SPOKE membership)

  7. In the Secure Checkout page, enter the discount code you will receive from your NAAAP confirmation email.

  8. Finish your registration and an invitation to the July 5 Orientation will be provided to you.

05 Jul 2022
5:00pm - 6:30pm PDT

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