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NAAAP Cohort is a 4-month Leadership Program designed to elevate Asian leaders above the cultural barriers. 

In this orientation session, we will go over the programming details, who would benefit from this program, and how to sign-up for the program. 


The Asian Management Problem. The reality is that companies provide leadership training grouped into a generalized system with biases that conflict with Asian culture. The results render our career growth ineffective and perpetuates the “Asian Model Minority Myth” we see evident in our company. It is more apparent when we're trying to move our titles upward into management roles. We see a lack of commensurate executive level representation relative to the Asian workforce. This program is designed specifically to provide the management level leadership training we need with contextualization to provide support specific to our culture so that we can breakthrough our own barriers.

06 Jul 2021
5:00pm - 6:30pm PDT

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