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Use your 5 Voices to create Intentional Trust & Relational Impact in order to leverage the power of influence in all of your relationships.


About this Event

*Must have taken the NAAAP Cohort 5 Voices Training *



You've invested in getting to know yourself to lead yourself by using your Signature 5 Voices. By leveraging the knowledge of your natural strengths and weaknesses discovered from the NAAAP Cohort 5 Voices training, we can systematically address the Bamboo Box that limits our influence.

Using the Influence Model, this tool will give you the 4 keys to breaking through the barriers created by our tendencies and why others put barriers around us. The subjective term, Bamboo Box, is objectively seen as “walls of self-preservation” that is broken through with building intentional trust above, below, and with our peers.

From this, you will see how your personality and Asian cultural prohibitions are truly the inhibitions that are holding you back and creating limited transactional relationships.

Topics Include

  • Inhibition vs Prohibition
  • Understand the Influence model and how we create a Bamboo Box around us
  • See how your signature leadership voices create preferences in chemistry, competency, credibility, and character
  • Understand the Asian cultural biases that accentuate or devalue tendencies and accidentally create barriers instead of breaking them using relational trust


  • 3 sessions -1.5 hours each
  • May 9, 16, and 30
  • 9:00am - 10:30am
  • Via ZOOM (link given after registration)


Jim Lee, co-founder of B~Spoke and Certified Consultant with GiANT. Dedicated to transform the leadership landscape by building healthy leaders that are heard, seen, and known intentionally as Liberators, that fight for the highest possible good of others.

*Net proceeds benefit NAAAP, the National Association of Asian American Professionals. NAAAP inspires, cultivates, and empowers Asian and Pacific Islander leaders for professional excellence to make meaningful impact in our workplace and community.


30 May 2020
9:00am - 10:30am PDT

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  • Virtual (Zoom)